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Everyday Mindfulness Everywhere presents Dr. Yenkuei Chuang, a mindfulness-based licensed psychologist with over twenty years of experience in meditation, yoga, and cognitive behavioral therapy. Committed to the practices of awareness, wisdom, and love, she offers a breadth of services to individuals and groups.  She helps people transform their suffering across all life transitions and specifically with issues at work, relationships, and sexuality.  She is keenly aware of culture, gender, race, class, and other social differences that condition our perceptions and identities.   When not  working, she loves being a mother to her four children, writing, cooking, and dancing.  

Dr. Chuang received her M.Ed. in Human Development from Harvard University and Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology from Stanford University. Also a Fulbright Fellow, she wrote her dissertation on Bicultural Competence. Previously she worked as a clinical psychologist at Harvard University Health Services, a diversity consultant at Harvard Pilgrim Foundation, and mindfulness instructor at Downunder School of Yoga. She is grateful to Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh and Insight Meditation teachers for their guidance and support.

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